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MF Misai Kucing Herbal Tea – The Great Herbal Tea In Asia

Misai Kuching

MF’s Misai Kucing benefits: 

1) Has high anti-oxidant content that could help prevent and control the growth of cancer cells. (Click Here for source of news information)

2) Help prevent Diabetics

3) Help reduce High Blood Pressure

4) Help reduce gout effect

MF’s Misai Kucing Standard bacteriological & heavy metal content examination results are world class standard – Click here to view the official examination report.


Extensive Kwang Ming Newspaper Review of MEDIFOOD Misai Kucing Tea on 14September2011


Misai Kucing Tea

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misai kucing misai kucing from Medifood

Medifood (MF) Misai Kucing Product Is Naturally Grow In Organic Plantation (Attached Photos Are Medifood (MF Misai Kucing Product Plantation)

Misai Kucing History

Misai Kucing Herbal Tea (Orthosiphon Stamineus) has been used for many centuries in Southeast Asia countries especially in Malaysia. It is valued for the treatment of oilments of the bladder and kidney. Misai Kucing Herbal Tea started to interest researches as early as beginning of the 20th century when this plant was introduced to Europe where it became a famous herbal tea. Misai Kucing herbal tea is used as a remedy for kidney stones and nephritis. It is also used for treating gout, diabetes and nephritis. There was also University research and newspaper publication on Misai Kucing believe to naturally stop the growth of cancer tumor cells in the blood vessels. (Refer our Asia Herb webpage for source of reference)

Misai Kucing drying process Misai Kucing drying room

Medifood (MF) Product Misai Kucing Drying Process

Natural Misai Kucing Product

Medifood Misai Kucing product is 100% natural pure and caffeine free and does not contain artificial preservatives, coloring or additives. Medifood product is vegetarian, manufacture in GMP factory, is halal and the most important part is treated with irradiation process (Process of eliminating microorganisms, bacteria and viruses) – You can assure to own the best quality Misai Kucing from Medifood.

misai kucing Medifood certificates It is 100% natural grown and is process in an hygienic environment. Therefore, it is suitable for adult’s and children to consume Medifood’s misai kucing 100% natural herbal tea on a daily basis.

orthosiphon stamineus


Reference and information from University Science Malaysia finding on Misai Kucing herbal extract for the treatment of cancer…

PENANG Oct.21 — A group of researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia here succeeded in producing standardized “Misai Kucing” (Orthosiphon Stamineus) herbal extract for the treatment of cancer.

The group from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and headed by lecturer, Dr. Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid, found that Misai Kucing (literally meaning, Cat’s Whiskers), has high anti-oxidant content that could prevent and control the growth of cancer cells.

Dr. Amin said, the Misai Kucing extract named “Canssufive” was tested on animals and found to retard blood vessel development, thus preventing the cancel cells from spreading to tissues and other organs.

Misai Kuching Expansion Misai Kuching Expansion

Medifood (MF) Misai Kucing Product Current Expansion Plantation

Asia Herb Medifood Testimony:

1) Bill, 42 – System engineer coming from Oregon, USA.

When I suffer with gout arthritis, as I attempted Genuine Misai Kucing green tea, My spouse and I seldom feel the pain inside my leg any more.

2) Jenny, 38 – Marketing manager coming from United Kingdom.

That I used to have problems with elimination gemstones, gouty arthritis, modest swing and also high cholesterol level. My spouse and I went through plenty of prescription medication therapy like naturopathy however it only temporary. After that, my friend suggested my family in order to take in Misai Kucing. Right after 2 weeks, I noticed the result. My own about gout has slowly but surely gone away and that i is not required to opt for laser therapies any longer. Ever since then, When i started to take in half-dozen portions of that herbal per day and have pushed my family to take more.

3) Dave J, aged 45, self employed, New York, USA

My personal good friend bough back Misai Kucing from Medifood, I am a lung cancer patient and after I tasted Misai Kucing for a week, I feel very refreshing and not tired like before. I have continued to order from Medifood Misai Kucing Herbal Tea ever since. Thanks for your great product and I will recommend to others as well for MF Misai Kucing Tea.

猫须草 – Misai Kucing

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